*Julia* dob. 1/9-06

PL 1,0
 Mini Fashion First Copywright Rose

Such Nuch

Mini Fashion Simon N'

Sofias Trophy

Intuch Norduch Sv-92 Sv-00
Skuggfaxes Scampi Simon
Such Nuch Intuch

Tom Puss Pinoccio

Bonny-Bell April-Honey

Norduch Dkuch Sv-00 KBHV-99

Mini Fashion Black Magic Trophie

Dkuch Norduch NordVV-98  Nv-99

Bonny-Bell Marcoville

Bonny-Bell Simone Magic At Midnigt

Such Nuch

Mini Fashion Artic

Black Rose

Such Finuch Dkuch
Shears' Count Chocula

Regalaire- Shear's Dante
Maggie Mae Ruyle

Norduch NV-00
Mini Fashion Artic Bam- Bam

Murmur Space Cowboy
Bonny- Bell I Beat You To The Punch